Monday, September 17, 2012

Myleena Garduno By KosmoKhaos

Ok here’s Myleena! My Tumblr followers had been asking for her since I showed pictures and I wanted to make sure I got her out ASAP. This is the fourth sim I’m sharing of mine.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cstyles September 2012 Exclusive! PoleDancer Pose Pack

Okie dokie so this is my second Cstyles exclusive! I'm finally releasing my Pole Dancer poses. Since I just turned 20 and think poledancing is so very much fun I thought now would be a good time. Anyway, there are  five poses in this pack and all are PoseList compatible. Head to Cstyles to see bigger pics and to download them.

Monday, August 13, 2012

KosmoParentHood Pose Set 1 Mom and Baby


Well after being on Tumblr for about two weeks and reading some AMAZING sim stories I thought to myself, there should be more toddler and kid poses that aren't centered around fashion. Then lo and behold, I finally figured out how to import objects into blender to pose things around them!!! If you've been following me on Tumblr then you know that I was also working on some pole dancer poses last Thursday or so! I've been practicing posing so I managed to whip these up in two days time! The particular set focuses more on mom and baby activities and were made with a female rig the first two poses especially, however, I'm sure they will also work on males so long as the male isn't overly muscly because then things might clip. There are technically eight poses in this set and "a" is the adult pose and "b" is the baby pose.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cstyles August 2012 Exclusive! Fantasy Face Markings

Well this is my first ever upload to Cstyles as a featured artist! WOOOO! Well this month I have something that I feel the community is lacking so I decided it was a good option for an exclusive for Cstyles. I like fantasy and sci-fi so in the spirit of supernatural I have these four (technically five), fantasy face tattoo markings for your simmies! Head over to Cstyles to download and see full HD pics my prettys◕‿◕!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


OMG I just saw the live announcement of The Sims 3: Seasons!!! Let me just say, IT LOOKS EPIC! If you missed out on it I'm sure the trailer and announcement then I think you can rewind to find it here: it starts at about 1:11:19 or wait til its up on youtube. From what I can tell there will be "Holiday Events" which are like real seasonal holidays. This is what I could tell from watching.
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Trick or Treating
  • Snowball fights and snowboarding
  • Death by freezing
  • Swimmable Beach Water
  • Kissing Booth
  • Eating contest 
  • Working Umbrellas
  • Death by Electrocution
  • Sunburn
  • Igloo Building
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Seasonal Festivals
  • New Awesome Seasonal Wardrobe Category
Due to be released on November 13, 2012 people! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cstyles Exclusive! Tribal Spine and Back Tattoos

Well I made this set exclusive to download at Cstyles because I love them so much! :D: I absolutely LOVE these designs and when I aw them I just HAD to make them for my simmies. I had them for a while because they needed a bit of fine tuning but now I feel they are fit to share with you all. There are nine tattoos in total. Head over to Cstyles to download and see more pics my prettys◕‿◕!

Default Infant skin WIP?

Well I was making this before when fooling around in GIMP a while back. I was just wondering what you all think? I blended Subaxi's original defaults baby skin and made it a bit more realistic. I'm not sure if it's good enough for download though.I don't even know if it would be fair to try and release this. I don't want anyone to think I'm stealing it and calling it my own. It doesn't seem to be uploaded anywhere so I don't know her policy. Anyway, I edited out the dolly-like features and made the skin coloring more realistic. I also changed the eyes to a neutral darkish brown/grey/green-ish...Lol and new lips and eyebrows plus more noticeable nipples (Because babies have nipples too darnit!!).

Here is Subaxi's original:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Set Of Two◕‿◕ Twin Poses◕‿◕

Well first off HAPPY 4th OF JULY AMERICA! And I think Canada day was some days ago so HAPPY CANADA DAY TOO! Today I have here one of the many other things I have been working on! These poses were made for my twin models,Cadence and Sadie, who are of course featured in the pictures. I am lazy so I will keep this simple. There are 8 poses in total and besides being great together, 4 of the 8 poses look good separate too! Woot! Enjoy! REMEMBER MY RULES PLEASE!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kosmo Assorted Tattoo Set 1!

Ok so I've gotten my new laptop now and it is AWESOME! So as promised here is some of the stuff I shall be releasing. I've created quite the collection of tattoos once I learned how to create them use GIMP. There have been problems with certain sites re-uploading and taking credit for other people's work so I will say this to those who even think about stealing my things without proper credit: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD MY CREATIONS AS YOUR OWN OR WITHOUT PROPER CREDIT!!!!! IF YOU LIKE YOU CAN INCLUDE THEM IN YOUR SIM FILES BUT PLEASE GIVE PROPER CREDIT!!! Now that that has been said, THESE ARE NOT ACCESSORY TATTOOS, THEY REQUIRE THE AMBITIONS EXPANSION PACK TO WORK, there are 8 tattoos all together and all the pictures are taken in-game and are not edited in anyway, please Enjoy!◕‿◕ 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sims 3 Supernatural! Trailer Leaked!

This was leaked in Russia yesterday! It isn't Seasons (I don't think) but it still looks awesome! I'm all about supernatural stuff! I love how they're adding back new races of sims!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting a new Laptop :D

It's my Blog so I thought I would announce this! Sorry I am just excited! Lol I am just excited! It is not a super high-tech laptop but it does have an i5-2450 i7- 2670QM processor with 8gb of RAM and HD Intel Intergrated graphics. A dedicated graphics card. The sales person I talked to told me that it would run the Sims 3 on high settings no problem so I hope it will not disappoint! If this works out good then you will be seeing a lot more content from me. I have poses and such I really want to share with you all but currently my game just runs so very slow on this desktop. Even though it has a nice processing rate, it's graphics leave a lot to be desired. :P Well Ciao for now and thank you to Ameenah at Cstylessims3forum and Vanadis at Sims3Unbound for answering all my noobish questions and being so helpful as I made a choice! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Graphic Card Suggestions?'s time I've gotten an upgrade finally. I just can't keep doing this when my graphics card makes my computer like like hell!! It is so very aggravating. So I'm asking if anyone has any graphic card suggestions for me? I was looking at a AMD Radeon HD 6770 1gb. Is this a good choice? Here are my current specs:

64-Bit Windows 7 Operating System
Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nforce 430
I've got about 4gb of RAM with 3.87gb of it still free and usable.

That is enough for an upgrade isn't it? I here that most graphic card only need about 1gb of RAM but I'm a noob and have no idea. Any suggestions are welcome. Please and Thank You :3

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kosmo's first eyebrow set!

Ok So I've been fiddling around with making new things lately and besides creating some tattoos, I've created these! Six new eyebrows! Yay! I think we need more natural looking eyebrows for our sims so I drew them, scanned them to my computer and attempted to make them presentable with Gimp. They are unisex but four of them are for teen-elder and two of them are for toddler-child. I really find it irritating when I have to search the net to find out what content my sim is wearing when I want to share them so I took the time to make sure everyone of these have custom thumbnails! Remember these are my first attempt at eyebrows so be nice! If you have any critiques or problems then feel free to tell me. I don't mind if you add them to your sim files when uploading and sharing a sim or what have you, just remember if you use them just remember to give credit to me. AND NO PAYSITES! Enjoy!◕‿◕ 

Monday, May 21, 2012

November Fields

Here we go! Another sim for you all! I'm feeling rather lazy so I won't say much. I've got a sexy, curvy Ebony sim here for you. Her name is November Fields she is one of the models in My Tattoo Poses. She's a quirky flirty one. I'm going to try and use less custom content next time I post a sim. Anyway details are below. Any questions then contact me :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KosmoKhaos Military Pose Pack

Ok my simmers I've finally gotten around to getting these together! And to make up for taking forever and to celebrate the start of my summer vacation I'll be posting not only this pose pack, but I will be posting a second Tattoo Pose pack and a new sim for you all to play with. Now I've been a bit scatter brained recently so if thee is anything!! wrong with these poses please let me know! All these poses are unisex. I know that there is more than just men in the military and I tried my best to make sure they work with both genders. Now...I'll shut up and let you all get on to downloading.

KosmoKhaos Luis Royo Tattoo Pose Pack

Before I start I jut want to warn anyone who might be offended: There is nudity in these pictures!! If you don't like seductive or suggestive picture then don't look! Ok now that I've gotten that out of the way, This is one of my latest pose packs that I have created out of pure random imagination and a love for the artist who's picture I've based these poses off of. Luis Royo is a Spanish Artist known for his sensual and dark paintings that are often fantasy or apocalyptic in nature. I love his work. So I took some poses from some of his collections. I named it a "Tattoo" pose pack because some of these poses were based off of Luis Royo's Tattoo collection of paints and because I've been working on creating tattoos for the sims. I love intricate tribal tattoos and face markings so it's another thing I'd like to get into. I was going to release them with this pack...however I need to redo some of them because they came out a bit on blurry side. Anyway there are five poses in this pack! Enjoy! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well it's happened again...

Well its happened again! My game is dead and I have no idea how to fix it so I've resorted to plan z. Uninstallstion of every expansion and the basegame and reinstall.If this doesn't fix it then I don't know what I will do. I can't get families to load when I try and place them meaning I can't play the game. When I try placing families into a neighborhood I get stuck processing. :/ Anyway thought I would update you all. I was planning to upload a new sim and my military pose pack but it seems that will have to be put on hold for awhile.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kosmo Pose Set 2! Fashion!

Hello there everyone! ◕‿◕ Well after 600 hours of retesting, edits and fixes, I've finally fixed and updated my game and these damned poses! Woot!  I won't bore you with all the details unless you ask nicely. So without further prattle and nonsense from me, I give you Kosmo's 2nd, technically 3rd Pose Set!! Kosmo à la mode!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sorry for the delay but my sims game hates me...

Ok ladies and gentlemen as some of you may know I've been working on a new pose pack to share with you all. But alas it seems that my sims game hates me. I don't why it hates me so much but it is preventing me from taking pictures of my poses so I can get them uploaded. I haven't updated my game for the Showtime expansion because I do not have the EP. It seems my game runs smoothly all the way up until I come out of CAS. It launches CAS perfectly but when I'm coming out it gets stuck. It doesn't exactly freeze the game but I end up having to force shut down because it gets stuck either saving or processing from one thing to another. I thought maybe it was a CAS camera zoom hack I had installed. But when I removed it my game is still the same. The only other thing I can think of that would effect CAS in this way is the newly installed 3D eyelash mods by S-club. But either way I'm sorry for the delay and I'll try and get this fixed asap.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Raven Moon

Okay I’ve finally gotten the chance to upload a new sim! My second Sim upload yaaay! :D So this sim’s name is Raven Moon. She is a Native American sim. That is all I shall call her, you can give her a tribe that suits your liking. I use her as a model in my poses and you can use her for whatever you like so long as you don’t claim her as your own! :3 Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

About Patch 1.31...

Ok I REALLY hate this new "My Page" and "social features" set-up on the sims website and game! It's irratating and there are so many annoying glitches on the "My Page" now! So until I can get it sorted out I can't even post the second chapter of my story Insignis!  Not only did they stick a ton of new social features on the "My Page" section, they seemed to have taken away our options to personalize our pages the way we used to. I'm not a fan of the newest expansion (showtime) and this is definitely why. If i wanted social features I'd create a MySpace page. So I won't be updating my game with all this new crap for it either....I don't want the social features and that's all patch 1.31 basically is, social feature updates for the expansion "Show-Time". If your not getting the expansion they're not even useful...  Ok...that was my rant....feel free to comment below :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Trade or help?

Ok my fellow simmers! I really want this hair converted It's peggy hair 4233:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hair Conversions @.@

Ok so I was wondering if anyone else wishes that some of peggy's old sims2 hairs were converted for sims 3. It seems she's stopped converting them herself and decided to just produce new sim3 hairs instead. That's all fine and dandy but we don't have near as many hair selections as we did in sims 2. I know it may be because some stuff converts badly but there are still some things I would love if someone attempted. Like this hair for example:

That has to be one of my many all-time favorite sim hairs! Here are some other examples:

Monday, February 20, 2012

♥Kosmo Love vol 1♥

Bonjour again my fellow simmers! I'm back again with my second pose pack and this time it's a couples' poses! I was trying to get them out near or on Valentine's day but not only did I caught up spending time with my boyfriend, but school decided to kill me with exams(My Biology 114 and Social science 102 classes specifically). And it's not even midterm yet T__T! Anyway I'll stop my whining onward with the poses! I present Kosmo's first lovers poses Vol 1:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kosmo Pose Set 1

Ok peoples! Here they are! My first pose set! They are compatible with the poselist! I did, however, stick the non-compatible version in the zip file also. This is my first attempt but I'm always looking for good criticism. Good and bad. If there are any problems let me know and I'll fix it asap! :) Enojy!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Poses WIP

Ello there! Just thought I'd show you guys what I've been up to lately! Recently I saw a really interesting tutorial on Cstyles about how to create poses. Thought I would give it a try and guess what? I'M ADDICTED TO IT NOW! After quite a few trial and errors this is what I ended up with. Now all I have to do is a bit of fine tuning and attempt to get them to work in the pose list and I'm all set! Tell me what you think! I want all criticism good and bad. Mind you this a first try though ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ira Johar

My first sim upload yay! This is a sim that has been sitting around in my sim bin for awhile now and I thought she’d be perfect for a first upload.  Her name is Ira Johar. I didn’t give her a specific ethnicity but I describe her as Indian, Hindu, South Asian or what have you. She is kind and nurturing and is all about family. I use a lot of sliders but they are only necessary if you wish to edit her in create a sim. Enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Aara Fairbrook Complete

Aara Fairbrook is complete! ;3 Here's her slideshow! If she doesn't win the contest I'll put her for grabs! Seeing as the new semester starts tomorrow for me my simming might be slow but I'll be definitely posting a sim later either tonight or tomorrow! Until then here is Aara, Enjoy!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aara Fairbrook WIP (Contest Entry)

I present my newest simmie Aara Fairbrook! She's going to be my entry in Marie Antoinette's model contest. ^___^ If she doesn't win I'll post her. I'll ask if she wants the models to be exclusive to her or not first. If she does get in and Marie doesn't mind that she's for public download then I'll post her up for grabs! Here is how she looks in CAS its the only pics I have taken of her so sorry about the last one I didn't notice that I had my mouse Highlighting her until after I shutdown the game and switched to my laptop :P

Ignore the slight misalignment of the pics...they were making me angry XD. I'll take more pics tomorrow with her in-game shots. But if your interested in the contest check out Marie's blog:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lets get it started!

>:D Alright! Now that Im getting the hang of this blogging stuff! I do believe it is time I started posting some sims :3 I shall try my best to get my first sim up by the time i start my Spring semester of college next Tuesday! Most of my posts will be either be here or at the wonder Cstyles sim community! I look forward to becoming a sim maker and possible content creator once I get the tools to do so with. Anywho Ill work on that tomorrow its almost 2:30am and if I dont get to bed my boyfriend will kill me.
~Kosmo out!