Monday, March 5, 2012

Raven Moon

Okay I’ve finally gotten the chance to upload a new sim! My second Sim upload yaaay! :D So this sim’s name is Raven Moon. She is a Native American sim. That is all I shall call her, you can give her a tribe that suits your liking. I use her as a model in my poses and you can use her for whatever you like so long as you don’t claim her as your own! :3 Enjoy!

And A few CAS pics:

Basic CC:
Skin- Spiced Cider Skinby Nueroticrobotic
Eyebrows- by Missbonbon - I don’t know exactly which number brow it is but I downloaded the collective unisex package. Your welcome to try and guess which one yourself if you want.
Hair- Say Forever hair retexture by Marie Antoinette
Eye Contacts- By Shyne Gemstone Eyes
Lips- by Marie Antoinette- Broken Glass Lips
Eyeliner- by TifaEyeliner N6 down the page aways
Eyeshadow- by Dutch Eyelids (eyeshadow version)
Blush- by ShyneCheek Pores They’re totally awesome and I didn’t know about them until after I joined Cstyles @.@ Where have I been?
Beauty Mark- by Daluved1

Clothing (If you want it):
Shirt- Native top by AllAboutStyle
Shorts- by Icia23 part of the Boho Chic set
Shoes- by IlikeMusic640 Leather Moccasins
Earrings- by Lorindasims Feather earrings
Hair Feathers- by Newsea Free accessory

Sliders (Only needed if you want to edit her in Create-A-Sim! If you edit her without them the feature you are trying to edit will snap back to default proportions!!):

All of Ahmad’s Jaw sliders, his eye width slider,chin width slider and both brow sliders
Delphy’s Breast Sliders
#Awt’s Eye, Lip, Forehead and Nose Sliders
Johna’s Butt, Waist, Hip, Head size and Head Shape sliders
Hermi’s Lip Shape Slider (Direct Link)
Lastly Heiret’s Chin to Neck-Line Slider (Direct Link)

!!!To download Raven you need to place her .simfile into your “savedsims” folder. On my computer the path is: My Docuements>Electronic Arts>The Sims3>SavedSims.!!!!

If There are any problems let me know! I packaged her as is so make sure you at least download the Basic CC (i.e. Skin and makeup)

I have also posted her on Cstyles. :)


  1. She has a great nose and a really pretty face. Great job.

    1. Thanks sackgirl! :) I meant to post her long ago but I got lazy and proccupied with school.

  2. Great admiration. As I was looking at one picture of reality. perfktní work....

  3. Ahhh Kosmo ! She's beautiful <333

    1. ^_____^ Thanks Vanity! Honestly I did not think she would get as much attention as she is getting.

  4. Wow! :D I really like her. :) She's GORGEOUS.

  5. She looks amazing,I really love her!!!