Friday, March 2, 2012

About Patch 1.31...

Ok I REALLY hate this new "My Page" and "social features" set-up on the sims website and game! It's irratating and there are so many annoying glitches on the "My Page" now! So until I can get it sorted out I can't even post the second chapter of my story Insignis!  Not only did they stick a ton of new social features on the "My Page" section, they seemed to have taken away our options to personalize our pages the way we used to. I'm not a fan of the newest expansion (showtime) and this is definitely why. If i wanted social features I'd create a MySpace page. So I won't be updating my game with all this new crap for it either....I don't want the social features and that's all patch 1.31 basically is, social feature updates for the expansion "Show-Time". If your not getting the expansion they're not even useful...  Ok...that was my rant....feel free to comment below :)

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  1. I downloaded the new patch. I am not getting Showtime until the ninth. (hope it arrives earlier) I always update so i can see what mods work before an expansion comes out. I am not big on the social aspect of the update but you can choose not to log in. Anyway there is so much in this expansion, i love and have waited so long for to return to the sims 3. This expansion seems like so much fun but i say that about all the expansions. I never really personalise my page before so thaat didn't bother me. I don't want to link my Facebook and i don't have twitter. But i am curious about the achievements.