Monday, July 9, 2012

Cstyles Exclusive! Tribal Spine and Back Tattoos

Well I made this set exclusive to download at Cstyles because I love them so much! :D: I absolutely LOVE these designs and when I aw them I just HAD to make them for my simmies. I had them for a while because they needed a bit of fine tuning but now I feel they are fit to share with you all. There are nine tattoos in total. Head over to Cstyles to download and see more pics my prettys◕‿◕!

Default Infant skin WIP?

Well I was making this before when fooling around in GIMP a while back. I was just wondering what you all think? I blended Subaxi's original defaults baby skin and made it a bit more realistic. I'm not sure if it's good enough for download though.I don't even know if it would be fair to try and release this. I don't want anyone to think I'm stealing it and calling it my own. It doesn't seem to be uploaded anywhere so I don't know her policy. Anyway, I edited out the dolly-like features and made the skin coloring more realistic. I also changed the eyes to a neutral darkish brown/grey/green-ish...Lol and new lips and eyebrows plus more noticeable nipples (Because babies have nipples too darnit!!).

Here is Subaxi's original:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Set Of Two◕‿◕ Twin Poses◕‿◕

Well first off HAPPY 4th OF JULY AMERICA! And I think Canada day was some days ago so HAPPY CANADA DAY TOO! Today I have here one of the many other things I have been working on! These poses were made for my twin models,Cadence and Sadie, who are of course featured in the pictures. I am lazy so I will keep this simple. There are 8 poses in total and besides being great together, 4 of the 8 poses look good separate too! Woot! Enjoy! REMEMBER MY RULES PLEASE!