Monday, February 27, 2012

Trade or help?

Ok my fellow simmers! I really want this hair converted It's peggy hair 4233:

If anyone will give it a go or give me some kind of tutorial as to how to do it myself, I shall dedicate a request pose pack to them. If anyone is wondering, yes I have looked at the tutorial on the simswiki but that tutorial is for more advanced people that actually know what they're doing. Lol I have NO idea what I am doing. If anyone can help me, I'll do a pose pack especially for you! If you want to give it a go, email me at or leave a comment below!

Happy simming!



  1. Hi Kosmo .. and if you ask Anubis? good luck:)

  2. Hey Kosmo! I know you visit my site often, and I love your poses, so I think I shall give it a go! ^_^

    1. Hey! So! Whatcha think?

      Lol it needs some work.. ;) But so far.. not bad ehh? :D

    2. Ooooh! That looks awesome Marie! Shyne was trying her hand at it over at Cstyles but she's having some trouble with something and doesn't know who can help her. Maybe you two should work together! :) I will make a pose pack for both of you. I need some new inspiration for poses because there are so many of the same ones that I have no idea what to attempt to make next.

    3. Awh! Thank you Kosmo! ^_^ I have some ideas.. *Middle one*

      Maybe some royal poses? *Hint hint* ;)