Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hair Conversions @.@

Ok so I was wondering if anyone else wishes that some of peggy's old sims2 hairs were converted for sims 3. It seems she's stopped converting them herself and decided to just produce new sim3 hairs instead. That's all fine and dandy but we don't have near as many hair selections as we did in sims 2. I know it may be because some stuff converts badly but there are still some things I would love if someone attempted. Like this hair for example:

That has to be one of my many all-time favorite sim hairs! Here are some other examples:

I just thought I'd rant about it because I was trying to create a sim from a picture I drew but no hair really fits the pic but the one I mentioned at the top. There's newsea's Holic hair:

But I kind of like the other one better. The holic hair is kind of too...."round". If anyone is interested in looking at the old different sims2 hairs here is a gallery of aton of them by other creators.


  1. Yes i do. There are so many more beautiful sims 2 hairs out there. I wouldn't mind someone converting them but not just the girls hair, the males too. Some reason the males always get left out.

    1. Yeah me and my sister were just talking about how there isn't enough sims 3 male content.