Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aara Fairbrook WIP (Contest Entry)

I present my newest simmie Aara Fairbrook! She's going to be my entry in Marie Antoinette's model contest. ^___^ If she doesn't win I'll post her. I'll ask if she wants the models to be exclusive to her or not first. If she does get in and Marie doesn't mind that she's for public download then I'll post her up for grabs! Here is how she looks in CAS its the only pics I have taken of her so sorry about the last one I didn't notice that I had my mouse Highlighting her until after I shutdown the game and switched to my laptop :P

Ignore the slight misalignment of the pics...they were making me angry XD. I'll take more pics tomorrow with her in-game shots. But if your interested in the contest check out Marie's blog:

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