Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ira Johar

My first sim upload yay! This is a sim that has been sitting around in my sim bin for awhile now and I thought she’d be perfect for a first upload.  Her name is Ira Johar. I didn’t give her a specific ethnicity but I describe her as Indian, Hindu, South Asian or what have you. She is kind and nurturing and is all about family. I use a lot of sliders but they are only necessary if you wish to edit her in create a sim. Enjoy!

Here are some CAS pic from every angle of her face:

I don’t want to spam with pics so here’s a slideshow for her formal wear looks and the like:

Basic CC:
Skin - Epherma NV1
Eyebrows- by Jessica_2020- Eyebrows 001
Hair- Equinoxe hair by Newsea unless you want a retextured version here
Eye Contacts- By Shady Lonely Eyes
Lips- by LemonLeaf- Nectar Crystal gloss
Eye shadow- by Yukey EyeShadow N3
Eyeliner- I’m not too sure who it’s by but here is a picture of it in CAS. It’s not a needed part of her makeup, She’ll look the same so you can just add your own but if you know where it is from tell me and I’ll provide a link.

Clothing (If you want it):
Everyday- Sari by Inrink@a
Formal Wear- Sari inspired dress by Liana
Belly Dance outfit (Formal wear)- Neckelmanns by Vitasims
Gold Indian Accessories- By VitaSims
Nose ring- By Winry (I used the Braclet version)
Shoes- World Adventure EP Sandals and Formal Heels by RustyNail

Sliders (Only needed if you want to edit her in Create-A-Sim! If you edit her without them the feature you are trying to edit will snap back to default proportions!!):

All of Ahmad’s Jaw sliders, his eye width slider,chin width slider and both brow sliders
Delphy’s Breast Sliders
#Awt’s Eye, Lip, Forehead and Nose Sliders
Johna’s Butt, Waist, Hip, Head size and Head Shape sliders
Hermi’s Lip Shape Slider (Direct Link)
Lastly Heiret’s Chin to Neck-Line Slider (Direct Link)

If There are any problems let me know! I packaged her as is so make sure you at least download the Basic CC (i.e. Skin and makeup)


  1. I am glad to see your creation:) You're too nice Sims:) It is up to them to see your manuscript. You belong among those who make a special and exceptional Sims.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment! I am so flattered someone as talented as you has commented on my sim ^__^

  2. Kosmo: Do not underestimate in the house. I also can not build, so I build simple houses, and only nazdobím. Try building - you have the great potential. Arranging know how beautifully and should start on simple structures. Also, we are not building anything complex.

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I wish u had a tumblr :)

    1. I do have a tumblr Nonny :O I'm VERY active on it too. It's a sim tumblr though, not a a personal one :3