Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kosmo Assorted Tattoo Set 1!

Ok so I've gotten my new laptop now and it is AWESOME! So as promised here is some of the stuff I shall be releasing. I've created quite the collection of tattoos once I learned how to create them use GIMP. There have been problems with certain sites re-uploading and taking credit for other people's work so I will say this to those who even think about stealing my things without proper credit: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD MY CREATIONS AS YOUR OWN OR WITHOUT PROPER CREDIT!!!!! IF YOU LIKE YOU CAN INCLUDE THEM IN YOUR SIM FILES BUT PLEASE GIVE PROPER CREDIT!!! Now that that has been said, THESE ARE NOT ACCESSORY TATTOOS, THEY REQUIRE THE AMBITIONS EXPANSION PACK TO WORK, there are 8 tattoos all together and all the pictures are taken in-game and are not edited in anyway, please Enjoy!◕‿◕ 

Celtic Cross:

Tribal Butterfly Tramp Stamp:

"Made of Stone":

Bar code Tattoos 1&2 (Horizontal and Vertical):

Fairy Tattoos 1-3

To get more tattoo location check out CmarNYC's Tattoo Locations Mod.


If there are any problem or if you have question please let me know! I will take tattoo requests!! If you have a request or problem email me at I would need the design to be on a solid color background and as non-blurry as possible. If you like it rate it at the below!


  1. These are downloading as we speak :D I've been waiting so long for these !
    Thank you <333

  2. Love them xD I was just thinking about making a bar code tat the other day haha :P Thanks!

  3. Beautiful and stylish tattoo. Imaginative and original.

  4. You are welcome everyone! I have more where this came from lol.

  5. Ermahgerd. This is amazing! :D I especially love the barcode one. ;)

  6. Great job! I always love getting new ink.

  7. So lovely! It is a shame I cannot play Ambitions! Great job Kosmo!