Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting a new Laptop :D

It's my Blog so I thought I would announce this! Sorry I am just excited! Lol I am just excited! It is not a super high-tech laptop but it does have an i5-2450 i7- 2670QM processor with 8gb of RAM and HD Intel Intergrated graphics. A dedicated graphics card. The sales person I talked to told me that it would run the Sims 3 on high settings no problem so I hope it will not disappoint! If this works out good then you will be seeing a lot more content from me. I have poses and such I really want to share with you all but currently my game just runs so very slow on this desktop. Even though it has a nice processing rate, it's graphics leave a lot to be desired. :P Well Ciao for now and thank you to Ameenah at Cstylessims3forum and Vanadis at Sims3Unbound for answering all my noobish questions and being so helpful as I made a choice! 


  1. So congratulations and wish you a wonderful new creation in him :).

  2. A dedicated graphics card? I don't believe that will be able too if that's all it says about it. Best of luck though!

    1. Thank you Katty! Lol and don't worry, that's not all it says about it XD that is just all I said about it! It is a 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with NVIDIA Optimus Technology card plus it also has the normal integrated graphics to switch back and forth when needed.

  3. Congrats ! I'm super excited for you ! I hope that it's everything you hoped for <33

    & I love the new look of your blog (: