Monday, May 21, 2012

November Fields

Here we go! Another sim for you all! I'm feeling rather lazy so I won't say much. I've got a sexy, curvy Ebony sim here for you. Her name is November Fields she is one of the models in My Tattoo Poses. She's a quirky flirty one. I'm going to try and use less custom content next time I post a sim. Anyway details are below. Any questions then contact me :)

Basic CC:
SkinWeak Skin by Ephemera (I used the default for her but if you don't want the default then use the lightly freckled version since its not defaulted)
Eyebrows- Brow 001 by Jessica_2020
HairCity Side Braids Retexture by Puppet (Direct Download)
Eye Contacts- By Shady Lonely Eyes
Lips- IN3S's Dry Lips
Eyeliner- Heiret Eyeliner 2 (Direct Download) AND 3D Lashes By S-Club (Accesory version so the eyeliner slot isn't filled)
EyeshadowTifa EyeBags V3 (You only need the Eyeshadow version)
Blush-LadyFrontBum's Cheeky Blush V2

Clothing (If you want it):
Shirt- Zippered Studded Jacket by Lorandia
Bottom-Jeans by Rusty Nail
Shoes- Skeletto Booties by Modish Kitten
Earring-Tongue Ring by Anubis360
Choker- EA Late Night expansion
NailsIN3s's Multi-Color Nails

!!As for sliders, I'm so absolutely lazy I don't feel like posting what sliders I used. It's a tedious job and you do not need them unless you want to edit her face and body. (Which you shouldn't need to do anyway) If anyone is really interested I can tell you what they are but other than that I won't post them anymore. I feel this also keeps people from stealing sims and re-uploading them to other sites (i.e. The Exchange)!!
This download is in .sim file form for quick and hassle free installation. Just drop her file into the SavedSims folder under Electronic Arts in My Documents.

Anyway if there any questions or problems just ask! Remember Kosmo's Law! Which you can find on the upper left hand side of my blog. Enjoy! l٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ All◕‿◕  


  1. Gorgeous Sim, very sensual and very pretty. Nice work. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

    1. Thank you Sackgirl ◕‿◕ ♡♥ Your always one of my first commenters.

  2. Nice butt (;

    But seriously, she's beautiful!

    1. Hehe yes I had to make her bootylicious XD! Thank you Katty :3

  3. One great original. Much you succeeded - photogenic, interesting. Beautiful work.

  4. I love her! She's so gorgeous! And where did you get that tongue pose?