Monday, May 28, 2012

Kosmo's first eyebrow set!

Ok So I've been fiddling around with making new things lately and besides creating some tattoos, I've created these! Six new eyebrows! Yay! I think we need more natural looking eyebrows for our sims so I drew them, scanned them to my computer and attempted to make them presentable with Gimp. They are unisex but four of them are for teen-elder and two of them are for toddler-child. I really find it irritating when I have to search the net to find out what content my sim is wearing when I want to share them so I took the time to make sure everyone of these have custom thumbnails! Remember these are my first attempt at eyebrows so be nice! If you have any critiques or problems then feel free to tell me. I don't mind if you add them to your sim files when uploading and sharing a sim or what have you, just remember if you use them just remember to give credit to me. AND NO PAYSITES! Enjoy!◕‿◕ 
Here are the brows in order of creation.
Brow 1

Brow 2

Brow 3

Brow 4

Kid Brow 1

Kid Brow 2

The .zip file has the single packages if you only want your fave or a combined package if you want them all.


  1. Love these eyebrows! Thank you! Your sims are beautiful!

    1. Yes I agree, your eyebrows are the best I've seen! Also, where did you get that hair (braids) on the little girl at the end. It's adorable!

    2. Thank You! And I think that came with the Generations expansion pack.

  2. This look natural thanks for sharing,i hope to see more from you. :)

  3. Nice brows! Thank you for sharing. It will be very useful! :)

  4. hello!! It's so beautiful brows!! I visit your home first time but I think I like here veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry much!!

  5. I love these eyebrows! Also, you're sims are so cute!
    What hair is it that your blackhaired sims has? I don't recognize it! :|

  6. Hi!♥♥ very beautiful eyebrows, I love this form of eyebrows! thanks a lot!♥♥