Monday, September 17, 2012

Myleena Garduno By KosmoKhaos

Ok here’s Myleena! My Tumblr followers had been asking for her since I showed pictures and I wanted to make sure I got her out ASAP. This is the fourth sim I’m sharing of mine.

I would share my sims more but I have so much CC sometimes and I have NO idea where it comes from unless there’s some form of custom thumbnail and I can’t check with custard because I keep my CC merged in package files. But anyway here is a Latina simmie for you all :3 I only do .simfile uploads. It’s A LOT easier and I’m lazy. If you don't where to put a .simfile, let me know and I will give direction. This is an exclusive download to my Tumblr followers so you can see more pics and download Myleena on my Tumblr Page.


  1. Great Sim!! I will be down to that size one day. :)

    Hey, do you have all of S-Club eye meshes, eyelash removal, eyelashes...

    I downloaded today, and received errors on my extraction.

    I wanted to know if you could give me all of their eyelash related downloads?

    Thanks. :)

    1. :o An error on extracting the file??? And yes I do have all the S-club eye meshes and the EA lash removal mod. I used the newest S-club lash designs on Myleena though. Did you mean that you just want the names of the s-club downloads or the actual downloads themselves?

    2. Their rar/zip files are giving the errors, so I can't get them open. I always get "override" or "unknown" error for all of S-club downloads. I redownloaded the winrar just to make sure it was not me, and it is not me. *sigh*

      Would you mind packing that up and sending it to me? I wanted to use them. Please. :)

  2. It's okay. Eva gave them to me yesterday. :)

  3. looks beautiful and tough, I like her figure as well, great sim Kosmo